Yoga Therapy

yoga-therapy-500pxYoga Therapy sessions are to help you balance the body in a way that nourishes you personally

As the Dalai Lama states, “If you have a body, you have a condition”. Many of us have ‘conditions’ that Yoga can help to rebalance, whether that is back pain, through to diabetes or immune system problems.

Yoga therapy is not the same as taking a general yoga class. In a Yoga therapy session a particular programme is designed to assist your body in rebalancing and healing. It can be gentle or challenging depending on your specific needs.

During Yoga Therapy sessions the use of Yoga, Supported Yoga Postures, Alexander Technique (postural retraining) and Somatics (body movement and flexibility) are incorporated where required.

Specialised Yoga one on one classes are also beneficial for those wanting a deeper understanding of the yoga poses and how you can adapt and improve on them for your particular body.

All personal one-on-one yoga sessions are $90 per hour.

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