Qigong Energy Healing

Qigong is a mind, body and spirit healing technique used by the Chinese for thousands of years.

Qi is energy, just as Prana or Ki is for other cultures. Gong means to cultivate, practise or work, so Qigong simply mean energy cultivation. Qi is our innate energy system within and also comes from nature. The early Chinese studied nature, it’s rhythms plus animals for clues as to how to enhance their own energy and came up with a system to heal and energise the body, mind and spirit.

The invisible energy surrounding us is the breath of life to all beings and all of nature—that of air, sunlight, and water. Cultivation of Chi is deeply rooted in nature, the Earth, and the universe surrounding us. When individuals purposely cultivate and enhance their Qi they are accessing and circulating healing energy throughout their mind, body and spirit. In this way you can reclaim your energy, heal from dis-ease, and move towards self-transformation.

There are many types of Qigong  taught—static and flowing.  All have different effects but the same outcome—increasing your energy, creating health within, and allowing the mind to become more harmonious  thereby creating a life full of joy and wonder.

Qigong workshops are available with Maia where you will learn Qigong which is quick and easy to do every day to increase your energy, health, and well-being as well as your inner joy.

Qigong Workshops: $45 per morning workshop

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