Homeopathy & Soul Guidance

homeopathics-500pxDuring counselling sessions both homeopathy & flower essences are used as natural ways of treating the body, mind and spirit.

Counselling with the use of homeopathy & flower essences is a system of healing that involves treating the individual with highly diluted natural substances. The aim of homeopathy or flower essence remedies is to trigger the body’s own innate natural system of healing. Based on the individual’s specific challenges in life a homeopathic remedy or flower essence is chosen during counselling to suit.

Treating Like with like

Homeopathy is based on the principle that you can treat ‘like with like'. In other words, a substance which causes symptoms when taken in large doses can be used in small amounts to treat these same symptoms. One major difference with homeopathic remedies is that substances are used in ultra-high dilutions, making them non-toxic.

For instance, if you have drunk too much coffee you can be sleepless and agitated, so according to this principle, when made into a homeopathic remedy, it could be used to treat these symptoms. This strengthens the body’s vitality and its ability to respond to stress in a natural way.

Healing Your Emotions With Homeopathics

Every person has been through some sort of loss, shock, trauma, hurt, accident, separation, divorce, grief, fear, anger, job loss, and so on throughout their life. If we are living we will have these sorts of situations in our lives. By suppressing these ‘challenges’ and keeping on going no matter what, our mind, body and spirit becomes out of balance.

For some people the fact that past events can have an effect on our present state of being can be a new thought, and for some they may be totally sceptical, however it is a common premise within healing traditions now that traumas and thoughts can affect us in so many ways.

For instance, something that happened to you in the womb or even as a child (this can be something that you are unaware of at this point in time) can create soul conflict within. One example could be that because of some incident that happened to you in your life, you now sub-consciously believe there are things to fear in life, you may restrict your breathing, and deny this feeling of fear within that you unknowingly have.

As humans we are often unaware of the events that have led us into this challenged state. We may not be aware that an event that happened when we were so very young could affect us even now as adults. Having experienced early childhood traumas myself I have found that homeopathy and flower essences have helped me to move through these challenges.

Counselling (with homeopathy and flower essences) looks to the underlying issue or trauma that is creating the problem within the mind, body and spirit and then a specific homeopathic remedy is given to gently help you to become ‘unstuck’ from your trauma or challenge allowing you to have better health both in the mind and the spirit.

Everyone deserves peace and happiness within their mind, body and life. Are you ready to allow yourself to experience this peace and happiness in your life?

All personal one-on-one homeopathy sessions are $90 per hour. Remedies $10 each.

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counselling-500px2Soul Guidance sessions are available to clear unwanted negative energies

Soul Guidance sessions are available to clear unwanted negative energies from your being that have accumulated over time allowing you to surrender into compassion, love and grace for yourself while connecting to your Divinity Within. Every person is searching for this joy within.

You are able to release and rise up with gentle guidance by the use of ancient clearing techniques for the mind, body and spirit, rebalancing of the chakras, prayer, chants, sound, and healing energies. Homeopathic
remedies or flower essences may also be used to enhance the sessions and help you to rebalance.

I look at your situation from a higher perspective, tapping into the Divine Within, allowing for shifts in energy, untying the knots that bind you, and nurturing your well-being and happiness, helping you to transform yourself into a joyful being and move into the next step on your journey.

"And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?"

Consultations: $90.00 per hour
Remedies: $10.00 each

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