Divine Within Art

Divine Within Art


I teach creative, intuitive art one-on-one sessions and workshops where you will tap into the Divine Within. Open your heart and mind to your Inner Divinity, your Goddess Within. Explore your inner self, the sacred part of you using meditation, intent, ritual, creativity and intuitive art.

Intuitive art comes from deep within your soul, allowing you to access the inspiration and beauty within. When we let go of the rational mind, the inner critic, and allow ourselves to be guided by a deeper force we can create wondrous artworks of beauty. Allow the Divine Within to come through you and you will have an insight into your deeper self so that you can move forward in sacredness and reverence on your journey.

No artistic experience or ability is required as instruction will be given. Just be there with an open mind and heart ready to find the deep beauty within yourself.


  • Two-day (One-on-one sessions): $350 - includes materials
  • One-day (One-on-one sessions): $199 - includes materials
  • Workshops: $150 - includes materials


About Maia’s Art

I love art for the beauty it creates, it fills my soul with joy. I am an artist because essentially this allows me to bring forth beauty and joy from within. The Intuitive Divine Within Art which I teach uses is an exciting process of creating with abandon, joy, and tapping into the deep well of creativity within.

I have done art since high school, at university as part of my Psychology, worked as an airbrush artist, studied watercolours, acrylics, Chinese Brush painting, done Mandala / Yantra art and I am an Art Therapist as well as a qualified Art of Allowing Facilitator.

For years I yearned to bring the Divine Within out into my paintings and recently trained as a facilitator in the process of Art of Allowing to achieve this. By using sound, ritual, meditation and then painting this all comes together in an exciting process creating art that is flowing and moving from the unconscious part of you deep within your soul. Rumi the 16th century poet wrote “There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen”.

By using sound, ritual, meditation and painting everyone can connect to their true joyful self, the outside world falls away, and you start to live your life more authentically. You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy the intuitional Divine Within Art process and the joy of expressing yourself creatively. Allow me to show you how to open to your joy and excitement by using the Divine Within Art process, which is deceptively simple and effective.

My passion and mission in life is to help others create a new energy within, find their sacredness, and joy, while nurturing themselves in daily life. I have been told that I am a ‘mid-wife’ of the spirit combining art with my skills of intuition and soul guidance.

I share my love of art offering Divine Within Art sessions, workshops, and retreats in Queensland Australia and Ubud, Bali. I live in Queensland with my husband and our two ‘divine’ fur children, their cats – a Layanese and a Persian.

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Qualification details

I have been doing art since High School, worked as an air-brush artist, studied watercolour, acrylic painting, Mandalas and Chinese Brush Painting as well as doing art at University as part of my Psychology Degree. I also have a Diploma in Counselling, a Diploma in Advanced Counselling, a Diploma in Homeopathy and a Diploma in Advanced Herbalism.

I have a Diploma in Art Therapy and am a certified Facilitator in the Art of Allowing process.

During the past 17-18 years I have used art therapy techniques to work on myself, and help others change negative emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, sadness, depression, etc. from experiences in life while opening up to finding joy and a new passion in life. Creative, intuitive art is fun, joyful and therapeutic.