Art Therapy


Nurturing & Nourishing Your Soul with Art Therapy


What is art therapy?

When words are not enough, we need to find another means to help heal our physical, emotional, or mental challenges. Whether you have experienced trauma, abuse, pain, loss, another emotion or are looking for a new direction you can utilise this method. Art therapy techniques use a creative method of expression and combined with counselling help to nurture, nourish and enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being.
The creative process used in art therapy along with discussion on your created piece helps to resolve issues or challenges as well as change behaviours, reduce stress and improve self-awareness. From this you can cope with life’s demands, emotions and challenges while encouraging peace of mind.

Art is daunting for a lot of people because of past experiences where they have been judged by what they have created and therefore fears, issues about self-worth, judgement and humiliation, to name a few can hold us back. But art therapy is a different process where if you can draw a straight line, or even a squiggly one, you can do art therapy. You DON’T need to be an artist, as the goal is not to be an artist or even create a master-piece, so don’t be concerned or afraid! The process is simple and these sessions provide you with the non-judgmental and safe space to work through your issues or challenges without pressure, connecting to something deeper and more profound within.

Art therapy techniques help release your emotions & feelings in a gentle way where the process of creating anything at all, helps to unlock your sub-conscious pain, abuse, trauma, fears, desires, and wishes. This method is really a message from your soul allowing insight about yourself and your challenges or desires in life. Once we have insight, we can move forward to another space or place in our journey.

Who can use art therapy?

Generally anyone can do art therapy because it is a simple process encouraging you to express your unconscious or even conscious feelings. The huge difference between just counselling and art therapy is that with counselling it is sometimes difficult to form the words around our pain, whereas with art therapy there are often non-verbal symbols or metaphors that pop up spontaneously. It is through this process that the insights and healing emerge, creating a rich and rewarding experience.

Art Therapy at home

Art therapy can also be used at home easily and will help you to resolve personal conflicts or emotional issues as well as showing you your passion in life, whatever that may be (not necessarily a passion for art), while having fun and bringing peace of mind.

Even if you don’t need serious help, art therapy can be used to lighten the day, release stress from work or family and create enjoyment.

Be bold, be creative, be expressive, try the healing potential of the creative process that art therapy provides and see where it leads you.

$99 per session (includes materials used)


The art therapy workshop I attended gave me the power and the permission to take charge of my very busy daily life. It opened many doors to my negative emotions that I had shut out for a very long. It gave me the freedom to be creative. Thank you, Maia for sharing your gift.
- Ellaine

This workshop has made me realise that it is OK to express your innermost feelings through Art. When I first walked in I was feeling rather sad and depressed due to personal issues. After listening to Maia explain the process of Art Therapy, I realised that it is fine to have these feelings and they are not wrong. Maia explained that showing your sad and happy feeling through art can assist you to enjoy these feelings and create something that you can refer to on a daily basis.

I am not an artist by any means but enjoyed the ability to create something that came from within. Now when I have spare time I enjoy doing some drawings and can release some of the feelings that have been bottled up. There is no judgment about your creations and they can take any form that you feel.

At the end of the workshop my feelings had become positive and I felt I had achieved enjoyment and peace.
- Sussan

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Qualification details

Maia has been doing art since High School, worked as an air-brush artist, studied watercolour, acrylic painting, Mandalas and Chinese Brush Painting as well as doing art at University as part of her Psychology Degree. Maia also has a Diploma in Counselling, Diploma in Advanced Counselling, Diploma in Homeopathy and Diploma in Advanced Herbalism.

During the past 17-18 years she has used art therapy techniques to work on herself, and help others change negative emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, sadness, depression, etc. from experiences in life while opening up to finding joy and a new passion in life.