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Welcome. “Only from the heart can you touch the sky” - Rumi

I am very excited you have found my website. My passion is nurturing and nourishing myself plus sharing these techniques with others. Nourishing and nurturing yourself in daily life, is possible whether it is in the form of a quick meditation, a ritual, a sound healing, a yoga pose or two, a qigong energy lift in nature, or a creative process that inspires and uplifts your heart and soul. What I have learnt over the years is that there are ways to nourish my heart and soul and you can do this too with a little help. When you nourish and nurture yourself you feel happier, life feels easier, and more enjoyable. This then attracts better things to you. Allow me to show you how to nourish your whole being ... body, mind and soul

Maia’s mission is to help others create a new life force energy as well as find their personal dharma, sacredness, and joy within.



People turn to Yoga for many reasons. To relieve stress, gain flexibility, heal the body, or perhaps to improve their energy. You can use Yoga for all these purposes but apart from the purely physical effects Yoga is also designed to help you create a unique inner journey of self-development and growth.


Allow the Divine Within to come through you. The intuitive art I teach comes from deep within your soul, allowing you to access the inspiration and beauty within. When we let go of the rational mind, the inner critic, and allow ourselves to be guided by a deeper force we can create wondrous artworks of beauty. Even if you feel you have no artistic ability you can experience the freeing effect of delving into intuitive art with gentle guidance and support as well as practical help throughout the Divine Within process.


Soul Guidance

We all need someone to help or listen to us at some stage in our life. Compassionate, non-judgmental counselling, art therapy, (using techniques to help release your emotions & feelings—if you can draw a line you can do art therapy, no need to be an artist!) or life coaching are available to help you resolve personal conflicts & emotional issues. Your concern may be to do with stress around relationships, family, marriage/partner, life path, anxiety, depression, self-development, abuse, etc.